About Me

Hello Wonderful World! It’s Me – Angelika or Angie as I am called by most of my friends! I must admit I am travel-addicted. Travelling is my passion, my love, my life!

Actually everyone in my family always wonders where I got this “travel gene” from and I actually do not know myself but I guess it started in school learning different languages and with it about other cultures, traditions and ways of life in other countries and it made me curious…very curious about our wonderful world. I am from a small village in the Harz Mountains of Germany. When I was 16 years old, my parents gave me the amazing possibility to study a year at a high school in the US and live with a host family there and I guess this was the “outbreak” of my travel passion. I enjoyed an amazing year of unforgettable great experiences in Staten Island, New York and after this I was just curious to explore the world!

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That is why I chose to study tourism management and always worked a lot in order to have money to travel! So during these years many journeys followed: trips within Europe and to the US, a four-month internship in Valencia (Spain), an amazing trip to South East Asia (Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore) as well as Brazil. After finishing my studies I worked for mydays in Munich for 5 years – a company specialized on selling unique experiences and adventures in Germany. But I always had the desire to live in another country again in order to get to know more about different ways of life and cultures! As I also wanted to improve my Spanish, the pick of the destination was set quickly for: South America.

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First, I found a job in a small travel agency in Ecuador where we were organizing tours within Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands as well as to Peru and Venezuela. After 14 months living 2.950 meters closer to the sky in the capital city Quito and exploring Ecuador as well as Peru, I was looking for a new challenge – the big question was where would my next destination be? Due to my travels to different international tourism fairs I was lucky enough to have some contacts in the tourism industry and as some of my friends have told me excitedly about their trips to Colombia, I was very curious about the neighboring country. So it turned out to be my destiny – I got a job offer at a tour operator in Bogotá and so I packed my “seven things” and left beautiful Quito with 70kg of luggage to continue my journey to the metropolis of Bogotá by a 30-hours bus ride and start into a new adventure!

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By now, more than 3 years have passed and I must admit I am a victim of the former slogan of the Colombian government “The only risk is wanting to stay”. Colombia offers an amazing diversity from snow capped Andean mountains, to evergreen landscapes with coffee plantations & many national parks, the mysterious Amazon jungle, the unique river of the 7 colors Caño Cristales, the untouched Pacific and gorgeous Caribbean Coast, from small typical villages like Barichara, Villa de Leyva or Salento to bustling metropolis like Bogotá, Medellín or Cali topped with countless traditions, dances, delicious food inhabited by the most friendly people on the planet – I am just in love with Colombia(ns)! Within these last years I have been travelling over this whole country from the most well-known places like the coffee triangle, Cartagena, Medellín or San Agustín to hidden treasures like Puerto Inírida, the Amazon, Cocuy National Park or Tierradentro – but I must admit there is still a whole bunch of destinations missing and I do not even dare to think how many undiscovered jewels there are in Colombia…and besides travelling, I discovered a new passion in dancing salsa and other latin rhythms.

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So probably, you might wonder why is she writing all of this until now? I have been thinking about it a lot but always found excuses – “no time”, “now I have already travelled so much and didn’t write it down” – so I thought many times that it is not worth to start a blog anymore, but I realize – yes it is! Travelling is my life companion and always will be – so better now, than never! I will try to keep this blog up-to-date with all my travels & discoveries and also try to dive back into my past journeys and share these experiences with you.

With this blog I want to inspire you – to travel, to get to know other cultures, traditions, ways of life and languages, to live your life and your dreams to the fullest, take a break from your “daily business” and discover which treasures we have out here in this beautiful world!

And last but not least, I will be happy to help you to organize the perfect trip for you! It will be my pleasure to design and organize your dream journey for you! Just drop me a line, if you look for an inspiration!