Tour Recommendations

With the following tours I want to provide you some recommendations for your trip planning through Colombia! Just these trip suggestions give you an idea of the diversity that Colombia has to offer! As you can see there is always a reason to come back…or stay!?

Depending on your travel interest you can find tours of different lengths and topics! Are you looking for the highlights and want to come back for the off-the-beaten track route? Do you want to discover the cultural, colonial or natural treasures? Or do you like it more adventurous and prefer to explore the country by doing as many activities as possible, to live&travel like a local or even learn to dance salsa or other latin rhythms? Let me tell you: Colombia has it all and I listed some highly recommended itineraries.

Besides I also give you some suggestions for combination trips to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia – if you really just want to have a “sneak-preview” of each country…and most likely return later! Feel free, to contact me and I will be happy to work out a tailor-made trip for you and organize your dream holidays!