We arrived late in the capital city of Bolivia which is not La Paz as you might think but Sucre in the middle of the country! Step by step we were coming closer to the sky again as Sucre lies at an altitude of 2.800m. Here we stayed in the beautiful hotel Samary – just a pity that we actually did not have much time here. Near the hotel we visited the  famous viewpoint “Mirador” from where we had a great view of the city.

In the morning our guide Betty picked us up to start our tour to the surroundings of the capital city. About 300.000 inhabitants live in Sucre. All its houses have white fassads (at least in the historical centre) and actually need to be painted every year – if not they will be charged a penalty.

First we visited the Virgen and the sanctuary “Santuario de la Chataquilla”. Here is also the beginning of the inca trail which takes you to the small town Maragua. Unfortunately we did not have the time to go for the trek and therefore we continued our journey driving zick zack along the mountains. We were very impressed by the beautiful landscapes of colored mountains from red, blue, green, grey to yellow.

Then we went for a small walk to the devils’ neck “garganta del diablo” and its waterfall. Afterwards we visited the village of Maragua and a house of an old lady who was doing weaving handicrafts.

In the afternoon we went for a 1,5 hour hike through beautiful landscapes to find the dinosaur prints in Niñu Mayo in Maragua. In 1998 the local people found the prints on a stoned wall after an erosion. To be honest I thought the dinosaur prints would be much bigger imagening dinosaur Rex but there were just small footprints of little dinosaurs. So if you go on this tour with high expectations of dinosaur prints you might be disappointed – but if you like to hike in the surrounding of amazing landscapes – this will be a wonderful trip for you! After this visit we returned to Sucre which took us about 2 hours. From here we caught a public bus to our next destination: Potosi.





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