Another weekend in the coffee triangle – one of my favourite corners of Colombia – awaited me! Actually this time the occasion of my trip was the wedding of my boss but travelling in Colombia always means “working” for me – but this part of my work that I love most: getting to know new tours and exploring new destinations!

As the wedding (which by the way was beautiful with about 130 people dancing the wedding night away) was in the pretty hotel Sazagua which is near Pereira, I was given the opportunity to get to know the city of Pereira as well as a new finca with its coffee program! To be honest there is not much to do in Pereira but the surroundings are just beautiful. Nearby you can find the hot springs Santa Rosa de Cabal which is a perfect place to visit if you want to spend a relaxing day. Unfortunately I didn’t have time for it this weekend but surely I will come back for it!

We went to the Finca del Café which is run by a local family and they have just opened it for travellers as a hotel and designed a great tour through the coffee plantations. Once we arrived they dressed us with the typical clothes of a coffee farmer by giving us a hat, a poncho as well as a basket for collecting coffee beans. Then we went to the first stations where they explained us how they grow the coffee plants, how they dry the coffee beans and which is the difference between good and bad beans. Furthermore we were told that the good ones are exported to the foreign markets and the bad ones are used for the coffee that Colombians buy in the supermarket – unfortunately that is something very usual which happens with all the good stuff – it just gets exported to other countries.

Then we continued our tour through the coffee plantations and followed the trail through little forests of bamboo trees as well as various other plants and trees crossing little bridges and stairs. The surroundings were just beautiful and there were different sections of coffee plants – some were just newly planted and other ones that had grown a lot and were ready for us to pick some red beans. There was also a viewpoint where we had a break from our walk and our guide told us stories and myths about the place in the coffee region. Furthermore one of the farmers was pulling out his guitar and sang some traditional songs – he really had an amazing voice!

Afterwards we kept walk through the coffee plantations and arrived at a traditional house where the coffee beans were grinded and roasted! At the end of this very interesting tour around the coffee farm, a woman in a typical dress prepared a delicious cup of coffee of the Finca del Café for us and of course we also bought some coffee to enjoy at home – and to bring the tasty Colombian coffee for my family next time I visit them in Germany.

Get an impression of our Finca del Café Coffee Tour !

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