Mompox lies on the majestic river Magdalena which is one of the most famous and important rivers in Colombia. So another tourist attraction is to go on a boat ride on the river Rio Magdalena as well as through the mangroves. Our guide picked us up at our hotel Casa Amarilla and we went to the river with a big group of Italians and some Colombians who were very excited about exploring more of their own country. From the river we had a nice view of the historical centre and passed by the beautiful churches.

After about 20 minutes we got off the boat. Here some different means of transportation awaited us to bring us to a different bank where we took another canoe through the mangroves. The ride there was pretty adventurous as they had prepared different kinds of transportation in “Colombian style” for us. There was the possibility to go on a motorbike with 2-3people, a pick-up car set up with some plastic chairs in the back of the loading platform or on a wooden waggon which was pulled by a (poor) donkey! We decided to take the motorbike and luckily everyone arrived safely!

Then we went for a canoe ride along the mangroves. We were able to observe many bird species and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes! In between we had a short stop at a typical finca where they served us a delicious fruit juice and water melon which was very refreshing in the heat of Mompox and its surroundings. The attraction of this finca were the animals like monkeys, parrots and cows. After this exhilarant stop we returned to Mompox by taking the same adventurous rides as on our way there – with the addition of a beautiful sunset!

The next day we just strolled through the cobblestone streets and marveled at the beautiful white-washed buildings of Mompox! We also bought the typical lemon sweets (dulce de limón) of Doña Ada who has taken on the tradition which her mom started preparing these delicious sweets – well, maybe it is almost too sweet ;)!

Mompox is a very popular destination especially during Easter Week due to its religious traditions and Easter processions. Furthermore the enchanting town has been home to the Jazz Festival for a couple years now and attract more and more visitors every year! This enchanting town is just a perfect place to relax and you will definitely feel that you have taken a journey back in time!

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