Last weekend a special challenge awaited me and my friends! Since a couple of months I have already heard of the 5 kilometers race including different obstacles – the so-called “Desafío de Guerreros” and knew that this was something I definitely needed to participate in. So I motivated some of my friends to accompany me because I was sure that in a team it would be even more fun!

The warriors challenge took place in a theme park just outside of Bogotá on the way to Zipaquira. Here they designed a special route for the “warriors” that wanted to meet the challenge. The 5 km route went through great landscapes in the middle of nature and was a mix of natural obstacles and other ones created by the organizers of the event.

It was possible to register just yourself or participate with a team of minimum 5 people. As a team you sign up with a name and we identified us with “Schlammschlacht Internacional” which means as much as international battle in the mud. We were 6 and pretty excited but also a little nervous before the start as everyone told us that it would be pretty tough and well, they advised us that we would definitely finish this challenge totally dirty!

This day the “Desafío de Guerreros” started at 8am and every half an hour another group started their challenge. Furthermore there was a live band for our motivation and 15 minutes before each start there was a warm up coordinated by a fitness coach. At 2pm it was our turn for the race in military style! The challenge started with a steep run up into the mountains of the wood. At the first station we needed to do 20 push ups or climb up a rope and then continued our run through the woods.   There were many obstacles where we needed to crawl on the ground or overcome high wooden constructions. Then there were others where we needed to proove our balance and many high obstacles where we needed to climb up and sometimes slide down into pretty nasty streams full of mud. Then there were other stations of rapelling and walking through many swamps and streamlets – so just everywhere a lot of mud was involved but this race definitely was a lot of fun!

At the last station we needed to crawl down another obstacle where they just threw a lot of mud on us again in order to reach the aim as a real muddy warrior! Here we got a medal which crowns you as a real warrior – “un guerrero”! Furthermore we left the chip which took our time in a box. Even though I think this is not a race where time should matter this much – it is much more about having a great time with your friends and companionship!

In my opinion this is a great challenge to experience with your friends that love sports and like to test their limits, help each other out, overcome their fears, laugh at one another crawling up and down different obstacles and sinking into muddy swamps and rivers! All in all just great fun – does it sound like that to you? Then what are you waiting for – sign up for the next challenge and become a warrior of the “Desafio de Guerreros” which takes place in many different places in Colombia, e.g. Bogotá, Medellin or Cali!

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