We started the second day in San Jose del Guaviare with a jeep ride for about an hour off-road! On the way we made a stop at a nice view point to observe the beautiful surroundings! Then we continued to Nuevo Tolima where we started our small hike (less than an hour) to discover the amazing rock paintings  along the table top mountains. These kind of tepuys (as they are also called) can also be found in the Chiribiquete National Park.

In 1991 they found these paintings and only until 2002 investigations started. Only about 3 years ago they started taking tourists here. In the region are other places where these impressing paintings can be found, for example in the region of Cerro Azul, los Raudales “Nuevo Tolima”. Our tourist guide told us that only a couple of hundred people have come here in 2016 and we can feel very privileged to be in this place where also the movie of “Colombia Magia Salvaje” was filmed. At the moment they are in the process of protecting this amazing discovery as a UNESCO world heritage site!

I found it very impressing that the paintings are still so well maintained. You can recognize all the different figures and it actually seems that they have just painted these walls yesterday! This definitely is an amazing place to visit far away from any beaten tourist track – and you will not only be amazed by the paintings but also the stunning landscapes!

Then we had lunch in a typical restaurant on the way before we continued to the valley of formations “Valle de formaciones”. This was a place full of huge stone formations where you are free to just use your imagination! Furthermore we found the typical flower “la flor de Guaviare” here.

Our next stop was a labyrinth of tunnels which was pretty impressing walking through huge rock walls and caves. Afterwards we walked to a beautiful natural pool where we enjoyed a refreshing bath and observed one of the beautiful red “llanera” sunsets of this region.

After this great day with so many new impressions of the beautiful places that we have seen with the rock paintings, different rock formations and tunnels as well as the great hike in the National Park La Lindosa with the “Puerta del Orion” and the colorful river, we went to bed with a very exciting feeling as the highlight of the trip with the overflight of the Chiribiquete National Park awaited us!

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