In the surroundings of Bogota are many possibilities to escape the busy capital life and enjoy a great time in beautiful nature. As friends of Germany were visiting me, it was a perfect day trip to spend together. At 8am we met with our group from Bogotá&Beyond and our private driver. On the way we stopped at a view point where we could see the inmense size of bogota – actually we couldn’t even see the whole city from there.

Then we continued our trip and after about 1,5 hours we arrived at the point where we started our hike. Unfortunately the weather was pretty bad with a little bit of rain and it was cold and foggy. Therefore it was almost impossible to see anything of the surroundings. We made a small break at every little “shop” on the way. As more and more tourists find their way to the hidden natural treasure near Bogota, more and more locals are selling the typical food like yuca bread, cheese with the typical caramel “arequipe” or jam as well as fresh yogurt and coffee. This way we were ready for our hike – going up and down through muddy trails.

On the way to the highest waterfall of Colombia “La Chorrera” with its 590 meters divided into different stages, we crossed nice landscapes, discovered a cave, hugged a tree while making a wish and drank water from a natural spring which promised us to be young forever. After about 1,5hours we arrived at the waterfall and enjoyed the refreshing mist of “La Chorrera”. Then we walked back to the first waterfall where Señorita Blanca and her team served us a typical Colombian lunch! Luckily the sky had cleared up during the morning hours and so we were able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

After lunch we walked to another waterfall nearby – or actually we walked right behind it and enjoyed a nice view from the other side! After this hike which is do-able for everyone that is used to walk, we deserved a relaxing bath. This was just perfect to relax our muscles. We drove about 30 minutes to the nearby village Choachi and spend some relaxing time in the hot springs there before heading back to the capital city! We really enjoyed a great day outside of Bogota and it is just the perfect activity to get out of the busy city for a while!

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