La Guajira is the most northern point of Colombia – and not only this – actually of South America and it has always been on the top of my travel list! Taking advantage of some good flight promotions I convinced my friends Yury, Paola and Alejandro to go on an expedition tour with me! At the beginning we thought we wouldn’t even get out of Bogotá as there was a huge traffic jam in order to take off – pretty amazing that this traffic chaos in the capital city has already reached the airport!

After 1,5 hour flight we arrived in Riohacha and were welcomed by our driver of Kai Ecotravel who would take us around the following days. As it was quite a way to go to our final destination Cabo de la Vela today, we started our journey right away. After about 1,5 hours, we arrived in Uribia – the indigenous capital of Colombia. La Guajira is home to the Wayúu Indians and here they still practice their cultures and traditions. You will always see them in their traditional clothes and many of them dedicate their time to make the typical handicrafts like the “mochila” bags or the “chinchorros” hammocks.

In Uribia we had a typical lunch and we bought everything we would need for the following days. It was the last possibility to get drinks and snacks for a normal price before heading into the desert land of La Guajira. It took us about another 1,5 hours driving through complete desert until we reached our Rancheria Utta where we stayed in nice little wooden cabins for the night. On our way we also saw many sport freaks practicing kite and windsurfing and we saw the beautiful sunset from el Faro and Playa Ojo del Agua. Actually La Guajira is a perfect place for surfing and different water sports with its rough winds. After dinner we enjoyed just sitting on the beach, listening to the ocean, watching the thousand stars in the sky and being at the Caribbean!

The next morning we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the rancheria before we continued our journey. First, we stopped at the Playa de Arcoiris where the strong waves were pounding onto each other. Then we went up to the top of Pilon de Azucar from where we enjoyed an amazing view of the emerald Caribbean sea and the surrounding desert landscape! It felt like being in the middle of nowhere but surrounded of just natural beauty! Afterwards we took a short swim in the refreshing sea before we continued our long trip to Nazareth!

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